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“What they get from textbooks is so dry and so compacted that it makes little sense. Your newspaper addresses this interest in making it sound like it happened to real people.”
–Carol Smith

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Hold on to your hats, folks, because the world of entertainment has changed forever. A twelve-minute motion picture called The Great Train Robbery (shown here) is now showing in theater houses all over the country. It is the exciting true story of a train heist that happened a few years ago, when Butch Cassidy and his gang held up a Union Pacific train in Wyoming and stole five thousand dollars in cash. The man who directed and filmed the motion picture, Edwin S. Porter, is a former employee of the Edison Manufacturing Company, which builds film-making equipment and produces films and is owned by Thomas Edison. Read More. . .


January, 1781

Conditions are bad. It's been a cold winter, and there aren't enough warm clothes to go around. There isn't even enough food to fill our soldiers' bellies. Many of them only get a small ration of bread and water. They sleep in tents that don't keep out the bitter chill. Every night they feel the cold in their bones. Read more. . .